Saturday, August 27, 2011

SALA Festival at Random Ally

As the SALA (South Australian Living Artists) Festival draws to an end for 2011, We thought we might to a photo summary of our exhibition for those who couldnt make it in to the shop over Aug.

So here is RANDOM ACTS OF ART in picture form.........Enjoy.

Paper dress by Sarah Lloyd.

Made from a vintage medical book, vintage sheet music and coloured card.

Left: Girl by Sarah Lloyd, watercolour, acrylic on vintage sheet music

Right: Untitled by Kat Lloyd, Acrylic on canvas

Left: Glam Rock by Sarah Lloyd

Right: Stiletto by Sarah Lloyd

Both Plaster, wire and acrylic

And then there was the Gorilla Art by Ninja Gorilla

A sporidic exhibition throughout the main street of Robe.

* We admit to nothing!

here are the knitted polewarmers that were put out the front of our store.

So as SALA comes to a close we say thanks to those who came along and appreciated the artworks. There were also other exhibitions in town. One at Cosmic Jam and one at Hamish Macdonalds private studio. Hopefully we can encorage more artists to exhibit during the festival.

Thanks for looking xxx

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Random Ally Givaway! so whats your all time 5 fave Aussie albums?????????

OK, as promised, we have decided to do a giveaway for all of our supporters. BUT...... you have to work for it. Well not really, but seeing as JJJ are counting down the top Aussie Albums of all time, we want to know your all time 5 fave Aussie albums. Just for fun! It could be anyone from The Wiggles to Kamahl, Slim Dusty to The Living End. So get thinking and post your top 5 below in the comments for this post.

And what do you get in return????? well how about the chance to win a lovely Random Ally Cotton Jersey Scarf worth $29.95. We will let the winner choose from the online store which one you would like, (Please note: some designs are near sold out and may no longer be available for selection or sale) and send it out once the winner is announced next Saturday (25Th June). The winner will be drawn through a random Generator on the day.

So get thinking, Yes Crowded House does count, actually most bands from New Zealand end up ours, Hehe. Well the good ones at least. So we will open it to any bands that have crossed the Tasman and resided in Australia etc.

So good luck....... here is my top 5.

  1. Powderfinger - Vulture St

  2. Something for Kate - Beutiful Sharks

  3. Magic Dirt - What Are Rockstars Doing Today.

  4. Silverchair - Young Modern

  5. Jebediah - Of Someday Shambles

I've also voted in the JJJ hottest albums of all time and created my shortlist out of their list of albums. Go here to do that. But, beware a bigger selection just makes it harder. But its a great reminder of all of those great bands you used to listen to.

Ill have Kat do her top 5 soon.

Good luck everyone!


New shop times for June and July

Hey everyone.
for June and July Random Ally will be open Saturdays and Sundays only. Both days 10 until 2. hours will increase in Aug for SALA and be back to normal in Sept.
But don't worry, you can still shop online at and all new stock will be put on our face book page. so if you need anything let us know.
We are currently busy designing for our next range, which will be much broader than previous ones. so stay tuned. It's really excitting and we cant wait!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


This year we will be holding our first SALA festival exhibition at Random Ally. Over the years Kat and I have ran exhibitions for this festival as part of the Collide-A-Scope Artist Collective and seeing as we now have our own venue, it makes sense to bring SALA to RA.

Not that Collide-A-Scope has been pushed aside. Along with our exhibition, Collide-A-Scope artist Steff Kennett will be holding her own exhibition in her own store Cosmic Jam. Together we want to make this SALA the best Robe has seen yet. Plus there will also be a mystery exhibition so stay tuned


*bespoke* is a Quarterly Australian Zine made by the handmade community, for the handmade community.

Random Ally is now a stockist of this fantastic independent zine. Retailing for $10 a copy. We are currently taking pre-orders, with copies due to arrive early June.

Follow *bespoke* on Facebook because word on the street is that there will be some Random Ally gear up for grabs from *bespoke* in the very near future. Yippee……

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Well hello All! Big things have been happening at Random Ally in the last few months. Since our store opened in October 2010, we have seen the store and our range evolve into something quite spectacular. Recently, we have been busily adding new features to the store. With a desire to have a store unlike any other, we have added new artworks by local artists Steff Kennett and Young artist Sophie Claire, new Prints by Tim Burton, Fafi and are constantly adding more. And of course I really must mention the Mural that Kat has painted on the storeroom door. Stage one of the painting has been completed and it looks fantastic. I could go on and on about the changes we have made to the store, but instead ill just show you with a few pictures. Enjoy!

Girls section to the left, Boys to the right

Notice in the girls the lego display, the chair shelf and the awesome artwork. - and no, the painting is not for sale! Its ours for keeps!

And the boys, we have added a renovated table extension as a shelf and piled it high with goodies. and again artwork ours to keep!

Kat Working in the new shop mural

Stage one of the mural complete

Over the past few months, we have been searching the planet near and far to source products that will be unique to our store and fit with our ideals of small indie design and ethical production that simply looks good and to be honest is a little out there. Some of the new labels in the store include.
Bare Tree (USA) Clothing and accessories

Dayler Vinyl wallets by artist Jeff Classen (USA)

Lova Revolutionary (Canada) Eco felt gifts

Naomi Murrell (Adelaide) Silver and wooden Jewellery and cards

The Lost Button (Brisbane) Up cycled Button Jewellery

Whodini Handmade (USA) Vegan Wallets

Meat bagz (USA) Up cycled bags.

Go to for a full list of labels and while you’re at it follow us on Facebook to see all new arrivals as soon as they arrive in the store. We also wish to thank all of our lovely customers who donated to our Flood Relief Collection that sat on our counter over January and February. The money has been sent to the Premiers Flood Relief Appeal.

Monday, October 4, 2010

A new design and a new range of purses

Inspired by the stunning swans currently nesting in our area, we have released a new design in honour of their beauty. Printed on an olive green top, in either silver or black and a white t-dress in metalic blue, each style is worth only $40 and are instore now and will be available in our online store very very soon. So if you like grab one soon because stock is limited.

Swan on a olive green top in silver. available in Sml to XLrg. $40 each

Swan on a olive green top in black. Available in Sml to Xlrg. $40 each

Swan on a white T-dress in metalic blue. Available in Sml to Lrg. $40 each
We are also happy to anounce the arrival of Chi Designs. Coin purses from $25 and Clutches from $35. all hand made in Brisbane using unique fabrics. So welcome aboard Chi Designs. If your after one, get in quick. These babys are selling fast.

There are lots of changes happening at Random Ally at the moment. Kat and I are there everyday, with mondays being optional. so drop in between 10 and 5 to say hi and see how the shop is changing weekly and what new products and prints we have instore.
New shop photos comming soon
Cheers, Sarah

Friday, September 10, 2010

Random Ally - The Store

Hello fellow Ally cats. Well for those of you who are yet to hear, Sarah and I have opened up our own store. Yes that’s right, Random Ally has officially found a home! We are proud to call Store 2, 30-32 Victoria Street, ROBE “Home sweet home”. Not only is the store full of our goodies but other independent designers from around the world for both females and males. With new stock arriving weekly there will be no time to rest.

One of the amazing designers is Katherine and Punky a jewellery designer from Melbourne. Talk about funky pieces! If you want something that will make people on the street stop and stare, you need a ‘Katherine and Punky’ necklace! With titles for her items such as “Wearing Your Heart On Your Necklace” and ‘Ghouls Keep Me Company’ no wonder these items make you think “I have to have one”

On the subject of jewellery and amazing artists, from Western Australia, Rebecca Bigg, taught herself to make glass lampwork beads which she now calls Glass Candy. These pieces of work are in no other sense unique not to mention fun! From small mushrooms, bees and frogs, to candy like bracelets and pendants that can only be described as planets, Glass Candy will make you the life of the party.

Ever looked at an old record and thought “I’m sick of listening to this, surely there’s another use for it”? No? Well don’t worry Vinyl Cuts has done it for you! With fantastic graphics on hand, they have turned old records into wrist cuffs and necklaces. The cuffs come in different sizes and are perfect for both sexes, ideal for an alternative to studded wrist bands (not to mention more artistic).

If it’s the recycled thing you are into, then Chrysalis Kid Designs is perfect for you. Sick of having bottle tops lying around? Well Chrysalis Kid isn’t, in fact she loves them so much she turns them into earrings! Yes that’s right earrings! These fun little items will make you feel good about yourself for recycling and are sure to catch the eyes of many.

Need something to liven up your hair? Itty Bitty is the thing for you! These cute little hair accessories are made with bright and fun images that are sure to stand out. If you need a hair tie, then you need an Itty Bitty hair tie!

It’s time to jump across the Tasman Sea and check out our favourite up and coming fashion designer, CAST. Dresses, leggings and skirts this designer knows what girls want! Her beautiful angel dresses are ideal for a casual occasions as well as special ones. If you want to treat yourself to something nice then this is the designer for you!

How about items for men? From America we bring you Coyote Alert. These screen printed tees are made of light cotton and are perfect for summer. Coyote Alert has made it fashionable to have flies on you! Yes that’s right their prints are of flies and I have to say flies have never looked so good!

So you have to wear a tie? How formal and boring...well not anymore! Cyberoptix Tie Lab has made wearing ties fun! With their slogan “Ties That Don’t Suck” we can’t help but love these items! In a variety of colours and designs you will never have to wear a bad or boring tie again!

Another American designer for the men is Dark Cycles. This brand knows how to take the mundane images and turn their worlds upside down and inside out! A simple image of a business man with his briefcase is made into a figure like no other with octopus tentacles coming out of his neck. Looking for something different then these are the t-shirts for you!

While we are talking about American designers, we would like to introduce you to Circular Accessories. This brand knows what looks good! Be it on a t-shirt or on a pocket mirror you are sure to love their designs and prints! I know we do!

So you love the vintage look? Then have we got the necklaces and earrings for you! All the way from Scotland we would love to introduce you to Niche, a vintage inspired jewellery designer. Take an image of an old bird cage or vintage binoculars make the drawings complex with minute details and fine lines and you have the amazing styles of Niche.

With all these fantastic designers you would think that we would have no room for our own stock, but we do! With new designs in progress and new styles of clothing we are sure that all our fans and followers will be kept happy. So next time you’re in Robe drop on in and pick yourself up something nice. We look forward to seeing you and don’t forget, every week we will have new stock, so make sure you keep coming back. We do enjoy seeing you!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

News Flash

Some exciting news is coming soon.......... keep posted in the coming weeks for a special announcement from Random Ally.
Its a good one!